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    Some nice pickers my mining partner Steve found on our Canyon Creek claim with a tiny 2" dredge. (Canyon Creek is entirely claimed from one end to the other, please don't prospect there without owners permission!)

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    Some nice looking gold there Marshall.
    Is that from this year? When I used to mine Mills creek we usually couldn't get in there until June first or so.
    I am still upset on losing the GPAA claim on Mills and how all that appeared to go down.
    Hope you guys have a good Mining season on Canyon creek.
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    Yep...that gold came off the creek Saturday. There is a TON of snow still left down 3' or 4' down in the ravine. At least the water is still low and relatively clear, but I suspect that's all going to change shortly, with breakup soon upon us.

    "I love my's the government I'm scared of"


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