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    Default Aircraft paint remover

    Has anybody used Kleen Rite's Aircraft paint remover? Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Stripped and painted a few aircraft (unfortunately) . Jasco seems about the best.

    Paint stir sticks sharpened a little for scrapers. Heavy dishwash gloves. Keep water handy. Neutralizes the stripper burning your arm.

    Last coat of stripper scrub with scotch brite to release last of primer.

    Don't forget etch/alodine after!

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    I've had the best luck by applying the stripper and let is sit for a minute until it is all bubbled up and then taking a HOT water pressure washer to rinse. Works pretty good and minimizes the burning sensation. You still have to do 2 or more strip and rinses on the stuborn spots.

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    Thanks for the responses and tips. It's going to be messy work but should be worth it when I'm finished.


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