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    I have started researching my first alaska trip and am focusing on self guided KUIU island bear hunt. Probably spring 2008. I would appreciate any feedback. I keep finding mention of "bear harvest limits" instituted on KUIU a couple of years ago and even read something about fall season closed once because nonresident limit was reached. Anyone know about this? Thanks ahead of time and please e-mail me with any info you are willing to share.

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    For season dates, closures, and bag limits.... I would only accept the advice of the Alaska game and fish... not someone's recollection or interpretation.

    It's probably time to call them with that question.

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    There is a limit of 120 bears on Kuiu Island for non-resident hunters. It has been reached only once. However, if you want to hunt I would suggest you do it in the spring so you don't have your hunt canceled at the last min. You have to remove all edible meat in the spring too, but it is very good meat so don't worry about it. You can donate it or ship it home. Jim


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