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Thread: Having trouble finding full length zips on a waterproof camo pant.

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    Default Having trouble finding full length zips on a waterproof camo pant.

    Hello all,
    Bear season is upon us and I am needing to upgrade my rough weather hunting pants. I am looking for a pretty specific set of specs and was wondering if anyone can offer up some ideas.

    I am looking for

    Camo Hunting Pants
    Full Length side zips (or at least zips high enough to get a big but out without taking it off)
    Fully rain/weatherproof but relatively breathable
    Quiet when moving
    Pockets (I know that's tough with the side zips, maybe on 3/4 zips?)

    Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

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    sitka gear storm front fits the bill, except for the quiet part but if its raining that hard noise will be covered by the rain
    two rear pockets and four front zippered pockets, side zipper all the way up, suspenders which are super super nice. breathable. and exspensive....
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    Check out for their Chugach pants; they have what you are looking for.

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    Agree with BRWNBR sitka stormfront gear for rainwear is phenomenal. Best investment I have ever made. Go with the coldfront gear for warmth in the later part of the year as well. Stuff is pricey but worth every dollar.


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