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Thread: Pack frames with fabric instead of a shelf

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    Default Pack frames with fabric instead of a shelf

    I currently use a pack frame with a shelf on the bottom. Iíve noticed that many of the packs now made have a fabric sheet on the bottom that replaces the physical shelf. Iím wondering how much you are giving up with fabric over the traditional shelf?

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    I'm weird, I don't use either. I use paracord to get the quarter in the right position and tie it down really good.
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    I drop the meat shelf first thing off of a packframe. Like AKDOUG mentinoed paracord will get it done just fine.

    Though this year I am using a few of these to make the lashing/unlashing a bit faster and I can get them tighter than paracord as I am not a boyscout when it comes to cinching and tying nots.

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    I have a fabric meat shelf on my pack frame and have had no issues at all with it in terms of how much weight you can carry vs. the bar shelfs. The weight savings is surley a plus (from your other post), I never even realized my pack came with one till I was pulling the bags off my frame to load some elk quarters. As mentioned thought the cord does a good job, I usually use every inch I have though tying up my meat to hang so the shelf is nice, its always there, and with a sewing needle you can make your own fairly cheap. The wilderness pack specialties I have from about 10 years ago sells by itself for about 130. Thats a joke for a few straps and some nylon.


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