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Thread: Lee Factory Crimping Die-.454 Casull

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    Default Lee Factory Crimping Die-.454 Casull

    Greetings folks,

    My Super-Redhawk is back from the smith with it's shortened and ported barrel (4.5"), and high visibility front sight, and I've accumulated my dies and accessories to start loading this beast. My question has to do with the Lee Factory Crimping Die. This is my first date with this die. As I read through the instructions Lee suggests that case trimming is not really necessary when using their factory crimping die. Hmmm...that seems unusual to me, and definately out of my practiced routine of precise case trimming (especially when I'm putting a heavy crimp on a I do when loading .44 mag). So, is that true guys? I really don't have to trim? I'm starting with new brass, which I have full length sized already. However, before I start seating primers without case trimming I thought I'd get some expertise from you all. Thanks in advance.


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    The only time you would really "need" to trim is if the crimped bullet is longer than the cylinder. Ive had factory corbon loads slip past the crimp and stick out past the cylinder before. Not fun and the revolver is useless till you get the bullet out of the way.


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