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Thread: August float, fish and hike

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    Default August float, fish and hike

    I am planning on coming up there this Summer with friends to enjoy the wilderness. We are planning on doing a float/hike/fish trip and I am trying to figure out what our best options are. I am from there originally and know that we need to plan on being flexible, so I'd like a few options around the state that are road-accessible.

    So far it seems like our best option is the Chulitna. I like the road access and the hiking is a no-brainer. Mu question is about the fishing. once the west fork dumps into the main river, can the fishing still be good, or does it become pretty pointless? Also, do the silvers really get into the river very much and are they pretty beat up by that point? Can you keep the Dollys and trout that you catch out there?

    Another option that we were considering was the Gulkana. In this case, the fishing may be ideal (for red and grayling) but it doesn't really look like there's any worthwhile hiking around-maybe mount Drum, but we couldn't set out from the river on a 2 or three day expedition for that.

    Maybe the upper portion of the Kenai works but I assume it may be pretty dry by that time of year- both water and fish.

    Are there any other good rivers to consider that are road accessible, without droves of people? Little Su? We are coming up for the first week August. Chulitna would end at Talkeetna Bluegrass, another plus

    Sorry for the long winded post. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    In august the Kenai will be flowing plenty with water,fish and people. Wilderness?

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