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    I am looking for a Jack Russell Terrier. I good friend of mine's daughter had one and it was ran over. She loved the heck out of that dog and is looking for another. Not sure of any breeders in Alaska. I know I sure loved my PH's JRT over in Africa.

    Thanks for any help.

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    The Funny River Russel's ( look nice but they are spendy. We have an English Jack. He is an awesome dog and we when he goes we will own another. I think it you could find a better deal down south and ship em up. BTW this is the real "Hayduke".
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    I would highly recommend Funny River Russels. Keep your money in Alaska!
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    Mine is secondhand from Funny River. Ol' Poke.


    Note the ears attentively perked to hear the rustlings of ground squirrels. He would totally maul a ground squirrel if he could find one.
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