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Thread: Still water Char and Salmon

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    Default Still water Char and Salmon

    Guys and gals, I'm new to AK and have some questions about the state's still waters. I've noticed a lot of lakes are stocked with arctic char and "landlocked" salmon in addition to rainbow trout. Most of my "day trips" will be in the Fairbanks and Delta areas. I've caught thousands of rainbows and I know how they operate and what they prefer. Can I expect char and salmon to readily take the same streamers, nymphs and chironomid patterns that bows do? Or maybe they prefer something bigger and more flashy? I've read several articles now that suggest flashy hardware for char, but I gotta believe they'll go with the same natural food source the rainbows do. Do they work the entire water column or do they have a tendency to hug the bottom? Any suggestions or observations you guys could pass on to a newbie? Thanks.

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    well for char, most the summer they hold in really deep water. they are a cold water fish. the two best time to catch char in the stillwater is right after ice out (when the waters still cold) or in the late fall when they spawn. now this dosnt mean you cant catch em, it just means that its really hard on a fly rod. i have had success on good sized sculpine and leech paterns with a long leader or a sinking line. i do this by slowly paddleing around in my float tube. if you really want char, take a glob of eggs on a smallish size octopus hook with a wieght and sink her down to a few feet off the bottom.

    good luck!
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