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Thread: g loomis real drag question.

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    Default g loomis real drag question.

    I inherited a g loomis reel from my grandfather. I am not sure the exact model, its older. It looks kinda like an eastfork, but it is black. Anyway, I can not tighten the drag on it. Either way I turn the little know it never gets that tight. Is this normal for those reels? I want to use it as a back up reel for my upcoming steel head but realistically, that won't happen unless I can tighten the drag.

    Do they wear out?


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    There is not enough information to know without taking a look at the reel, but it probably has a cork drag. The cork drag works just like disk brakes on a car, and the cork will wear out just like a cars break pads. Take the spool off and look for an exposed disk with a cork pad below it. If the cork is worn down, or completely missing, that could be your problem. If you could post pics I might be able to give you a more detailed response.

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    And I forgot to mention, you can use flat cork like the cork used on cork boards, and cut out the correct shape to replace the worn down cork, and your drag will be like new.
    Hope that helps!

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    I will take a look when I get home... If I can't figure it out I will post a pic.... THANKS!

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    The G Loomis reels had a plastic/synthetic stacked drag. Not rulon, but some other hard nylon component. Shouldn't be any cork in there.


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