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Thread: QUESTION about results from: DS-123

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    Default QUESTION about results from: DS-123

    What have the results been for this hunt over the last (say) 5 or 10 years......? I assume the success rate is 100%. But my question is about size of the harvested sheep from DS-123......??? No, I don't have a permit.

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    Yes, I know the person with the tag is getting into shape! Not a tag to "pass" on!

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    Thanks, I wonder what the story is with 2009, if anyone happens to know.........?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AGL4now View Post
    Thanks, I wonder what the story is with 2009, if anyone happens to know.........?
    I met a young feller and his father a couple of years ago, and the young man had drawn this tag. I don't remember for sure, but I think it would have been in 2009. He was probably 12 or 13 years old at the time and he had given everything he had to try and get a sheep. I believe they said that he had gotten to take a shot or two, but it sounded like he was overcome with "Ram Fever". This father/son team didn't get a chance to hunt as much as they would have liked, mostly due to school requirements, but I could tell right away that they had a great time together on their first sheep hunt and the dad couldn't have been more proud of his son. Even though the young guy was dejected that he didn't get a sheep, I have a feeling that both father and son came away with something much more important than a punched tag.

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    I thought that who ever had the 2009 tag wounded a monster. They never found him after they drew blood.


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