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    Going to be in Girdwood for a week this summer June 29-July 5.
    I'd like to catch some small rainbows in the lakes around Portage Valley. Last time was a bust fishing from shore throwing spinners. Any ideas on lures/baits?

    Also, does anyone think there could be PINKS along the arm by that time? Say Glacier/California creek?

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    To early for rainbows ...a long shot for maybe on a follow..

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    AK Mike - Are you saying no rainbows? Not even in the stock ponds down along Portage Glacier road?

    What does a long shot "on a follow" mean?


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    SUCCESS! Little girl caught three rainbows off the dock in Alder pond - bobbers and power bait! But she was psyched...cooked em, at em! Thanks guys.

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    Way to go. Too bad youre just gonna miss the silvers down there. Opener is in one more week.
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