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Thread: Good Spot to take Kids

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    Default Good Spot to take Kids

    I'm looking for a good spot to take a group of young kids (ages 8-12) to go fishing. We are not able to go in a boat due to liability issues, so we must fish from shore.

    Does anybody have any suggestions on where to take kids fishing in the Fairbanks area (within 2 hours) that would be fun and entertaining? We've gone to Chena Lakes in North Pole, but they only catch tiny trout. There's got to be a place where you can catch more decent size fish from shore.

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    I usually go to birch lake but that wont be doable till around the 3rd week of may.Biggest i caught from shore was a 17 inch rainbow.Other places to go are quartz lake just when the ice has backed about 10 to 20 feet away from the shore it's when all of the rainbows and char gather around close to shore and feed as well as spawn and are very I stress this very easy to have 60 fish days.My number is 799-3138 just give me a call if you want me to show you how to do it or just need and info.By the way my name is Allen.
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