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Thread: Ok Harbercraft owners it's your turn!

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    Default Ok Harbercraft owners it's your turn!

    I have read posts from Hewescraft and Weldcraft owners. I would like to hear from the Harbercraft King Fisher owners. How do you like it, does it handle the ocean well, any upgrades you wish you had?

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    Our 2425 Kingfisher is well built and handles the ocean well. With a 225,it is fast,and the cabin is comfortable. Upgrades? 28 Kingfisher.

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    Default Kingfisher 2525

    We really like ours. Of course we better, we have about 90K in it so far. I can't compare it to the others for ride, as I haven't been in the others. None of them have passed me up on the water though. We only looked at the Hewes. At the time, they didn't have the vee berth or the stand-up head, both of which were required for us. The fit-and-finish on the Kingfisher is very nice.
    One upgrade I am doing is putting a full canvas (camper) on the back. I have designed, bought the hardware for, and am building the 1" SS framework so I won't have a bunch of poles in my way, and it will quickly fold up. Now I need to find someone that can make the canvas and curtains. Can't find anyone local. Long drag to Anchorage. Hopefully Nomar in Homer can do it.

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    Default 2825 - 2X130 Honda's

    Best thing about this hull/trailer package is it weighs 10,000 fully loaded for a family of four and with the low profile tows easily behind my K2500 HD with the 6.0. This is the first large aluminum boat I have owned. Coming from displacement hulls and mid-sized fiberglass hulls this has been a pleasure to drive both at the helm and at the fuel dock. I have the original model and I know they have upgraded the newer hulls to fix a few of the issues we experienced with this hull so can not speak to the present quality compared to current cost ( as in I am not allowed to look ). The best upgrade was the third wiper for the nasty weather and the rear helm for trolling/shrimping manuevers.

    GOT TOYS: I used Sam's custom upholstery before you get into Seward for our camper top with no complaints and he travels around a bit so may be able to talk him into a visit. He did mine in storage about this time last year. Just depends on how busy he is for the travel option.

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    I also used Sam's for a repair and can vouch for his work, if you can get in to see him.

    I also had a local in Anchorage (Noah's Fabrics) do my replacement top for my Bayliner. He did very good work and was very reasonable. (




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