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Thread: Juneau canoe rental?

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    Default Juneau canoe rental?

    Dear Alaska Outdoor Enthusiaists,

    I am arranging a canoe trip on the Cross-Admiralty Canoe Route for the summer of 07. I have arranged almost everything, but I am struggling to find three portage-ready canoes for rent in Juneau.

    Any tips as to where/who I might be able to rent?



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    Try Alaska Discovery or Alaska boat and kayak (I think that's the name of it). They might not be open in the winter, but that's a good place to start. Sounds like a fun trip.

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    Wow... neat trip! Which portage(s) and bays are on the ininerary? Also, what time of summer are you coming? Be sure to slap one of the ODD bumper stickers on the rental canoes so I'll know you're not just another tourist "speed bump"...

    As mentioned, Alaska Discovery and AK Boat and Kayak are the bigger rental places in town. AK Boat and Kayak is boarded up for the winter, but dig around a bit and I'll bet they've got a good winter season contact.

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    Default Juneau

    Are you still looking for boats for your trip on the island?


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    Quote Originally Posted by bandita View Post
    Are you still looking for boats for your trip on the island?

    Yes. The folks at Alaska Discovery and ABK did not have anything available. At the moment, my only option appears to be to get ferry canoes down from White Horse. It ain't cheap, and the hastle factor is high.

    I am all ears....



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