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Thread: Spring vs fall

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    Default Spring vs fall

    I have hunted n se ak in the duncan canal area for black bear in the fall on two occasions. The bugs at the begining of september were a non factor. We were thinking of doing a spring trip and i was wondering how bad the bugs get. Any info would help.

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    depends on how late in spring, late april shouldn't be to many bugs, granted I havn't spent a hole lot of time down there, but I worked down there a little last summer, and it seemed like late april was pretty much bugless. but I didn't get in the woods really.

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    We went in late May and there wasn't much bug action. Hardest part, if not from down there, is getting the "break up" timing. We were there almost perfectly, but it was getting real hot and nothing moved. Did manage one, with no rubs and saw quite a few others. Just have to know when is "the time" to be down there, and that changes from year to year.
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