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    I cant wait to find out if I can cast these or not. Now I got to go vacuum. Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice ties! awesome color combos.
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    hate to break it too you but those aren't that big

    they do look fishy as all get out though
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    Quote Originally Posted by B.I. View Post
    Now I got to go vacuum.
    The downside to maribou.
    Nice lookin' flies!

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    looking good, keep up the good work.
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    Yep - those are sweet. I love the color combos with the blue ascents.
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    lookin good! those little critters ought to catch a king or two!
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    Looks like you are going to need some bigger fly boxes. Real good looking flies. What size hooks are you using?
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    I use 1/0 on the ones that I think ill throw to kings and 2 for steelhead/coho. I don't usually leave enough of a trailer loop to swap hooks, just because I don't like that much flopping around getting tangled up. I usually lose them before a hook goes dull anyway, so it doesn't bother me much. I use a 2/0 mustad 3407 O'shaughnessy for shanks. They are duratin coated, not the stainless ones. They are real cheap, don't seem to rust, and you can bend them straight easily with pliers. I don't like tying on upturned eye hooks either for some reason.

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    Thanks for the info BI. I have been experimenting with Japanese circle hooks made by Matzuo with pretty good results. When I use these hooks for trailers I use a #4 or #6 for steelhead, but I will go down to size #8 and I use them in black. The only problem that I have found is that for me being a barbless flyfisher I have to really mash down hard to get the small, hard barb pinched down. Tight lines.
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    Sweet. I haven't fished circle hooks, except for buts of course. how is the adjustment, do you do a little strip set on the take? or just wait for them to turn and go? use them mostly for swinging flies?

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    For the most part, fish hang themselves on the hook. But kings are a different story, you have to wait for them to turn before you set the hook. Gamakatsu is my go to circle hook and the Matzuo circle hooks that I have been testing have an angular bend which puts the tippet, eye of the hook and the center of the hook all in a straight line which makes them harder to bend out. Tight lines.
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