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Thread: But I saw it on TV...

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    Default But I saw it on TV...

    This is on but funny, if you can find the audio it is even better ... .html?_r=2

    Piper lands on a beach for made up reasons, tells a cop 'they do it all the time in Alaska'
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    Mr. Maloney asked the detective: “What’s the big deal? It happens all the time in Alaska.”
    Detective Derienzo replied, “Welcome to New York.”
    wonder if they let him fly it out.

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    HAHA thats funny

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    That guys radio coms were of the wise guy variety, he screwed up a perfectly good plane and he declared a false emergency.
    Mommy and daddy need to pull his college money and send him off to the Marines for a couple years.

    As if the jerk politicians in New York were not already looking for another way to destroy general aviation.
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