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    This past weekend we held the Alaska Scholastic Clay Target Program State Championship at Grouse Ridge Shooting Grounds. 48 kids and over 70 spectators, 50-Bird Trap and 100-Bird Registered Walkthrough. Hunter Smith, a 10th grader at Houston High, took HOA in Sporting Clays with a score of 87. The HOA Trap went to Dillon Cook, an 8th grader, with a score of 40. Our program is statewide, year-round, for grades 4-12 with a collegiate program as well. Please call 907-373-0961 for more information. AK SCTP 2011 State Championship 071.jpg2011-04-02 16 13 16 (2).jpg

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    Great job reddogiii for working with the youths! I was the SCTP IL State Rep for a few years when this program first developed and we sponsored the Sate Championship at a club my wife and I owned for several years. We managed to take 11 kids to the Nationals in San Antonio the first year they held the Nat SCTP Championships and I have so many wonderful memories of those kids!
    My hats off to you and all the helpers in the shadows as it takes a great commitment to help these kids pull it off. What I found was many youths were not the typical athlete in school and often were passed over which made them feel inferior to others their age. Shooting clays made them feel "equal" again and lifted their self worth and it was such a pleasure to see many change inside...
    Well Done!
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    Yeah Smokey, we are into our sixth year in the program and to watch these kids develope as shooters and young adults is very rewarding.I'm not sure who is having more fun me or the kids. We went to Illinois last summer for the nationals, had a great time. I do want to thank everyone that had a hand in putting on this shoot, the staff at Grouse Ridge Shooting Grounds, all the parents, and coachs We could not have done it with out you THANK YOU


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