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Thread: Kenai Baiters! A crystal ball prediction:

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    Thumbs up Kenai Baiters! A crystal ball prediction:

    The limit will be going to THREE bears starting in July. Won't do us any good this spring, but NEXT spring you'll be able to shoot everything (legal) you see!



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    When can they first set out their "EMPTY" bait barrels......? I ask as there is little snow cover this year, at least in the sea level around Hope, AK. area.

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    Good info AGL4now,

    If it's 3 bears, I'll shoot the first one I see this spring to help out your birds. That way I can still sit for a bigger one in the spring and get one in the fall if I want.
    Finally, Brad Childress is GONE!

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    I check about three times per day for tracks or upper level bears. And have not seen either yet. I would estimate 20" of snow at mile 4 and none at mile 10 and about 13" at mile 7 so we never got much, and it is going fast. Last year we had 5 feet at mile 7.


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