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Thread: Scratched an itch yesterday.....

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    Default Scratched an itch yesterday.....

    Took a cruise down to Whittier Tunnel and back....Was a nice day to get out and look for that early spring bruin.....lots of snow free areas, slides and exposed meadows on the mountains already and im betting the first green up is less than 2 weeks away....saw a bunch of sheep and a few goats near the road, a few eagles, and 2 coyotes skulking around the Portage wildlife conservation center.... didnt see any bears yet but very very soon!

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    For sea level bears, two weeks.....mid April, for first boar or garbage bears.
    For bears at 1000 feet, four more weeks.....first weekend in May, for first boar.....mid May for sows & cubs. to have some new shoots of green grass......

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    Smile Nice!

    Right on, good info. I'm fired up!


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