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Thread: BP shotgunners?

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    Default BP shotgunners?

    Anyone in here into scatter guns?

    Picked up a 10 gauage for turkey hunting this spring and possibly goose this fall.

    Drop me a line if ya want to go make some smoke.


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    I used a Navy Arms double 12 up till they started requiring steel shot, then let it go like a fool. Now that there's bismuth, I really regret not having it. That'll soon be fixed. Used mine a whole bunch for ducks, ptarmigan, snowshoes and even a couple of geese. Once you really get acquainted with it and get some decent loads going, you'll be amazed at its effectiveness.

    Haven't used a 10, but in my 12 at least, there was kind of an optimal shot charge. Go heavier and the pattern went south, and along with it the effective range. My 12 did best with 1 1/8 oz of shot without regard for shot size. I tried some heavier loads with #2's when getting ready for geese, but it was a bad bargain. You might look at the standard old "short" 10 gauge cartridge loads for a clue what is likely to work best in yours. That's how I zeroed in on the best load in the 12. The old timers seemed to really know what they were doing!

    I suspect you're going to have a ball!

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    5 more days before I leave, starting off with steelies.

    Got the mod barrel shooting great groups, the cyl barrel I'm still working on though it's coming around almost as good as the mod barrel. That is when I aint slugging it with shotcups. Shoot you can turn this thing into a double barrel rifle all to easy LOL!

    I can't believe no one up here fowls with a bp shottie!!!! watched my old man dump a goose and a couple mallards 2 years ago while I was back in Mn! Boy if I dont hunt big game this fall I'll be chasing fowl with it somewhere. So when ya think the woods has gone up in smoke, that's just me raising cain !!!

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    Keep track of your hunts etc, Dan. Post em when you get back....

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    I typically keep a lil journal going of my hunts. Past couple years I've been to disgusted to write. Figure almost 4 weeks alone for the most part, I'll have plenty of time to write and yelp to myself .

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    had a ball.

    Lots of one barrel not wanting to fire and the nut behind the barrel wanting to pull that trigger. Or the stupid mistake of pulling the wrong trigger on the barrel the hammer wasn't cocked.

    All in all, had chances in All states, Mo, Ks, and Ne. Missed out on WI due to a long day at work on the homefront missing the surplus tags, oops.

    Ended up shooting a tastey jake with a 5" beard at 5 steps after my mod barrel cap went but the barrel didnt on a longbeard at 15 yards, ugg!

    Ate a ton of morels, 2 tons of crappies and a turkey. Met tons of great people, places where the people still accept outsiders with open arms instead of shoooing them off.

    Looking forward to goose season, hopefully we can get this mod barrel firing consistently! Came up with some pretty good patterns and have some more idears for some even better patterns that I'd like to try out. Hard to believe sept is nockn' on the door already!


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