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Thread: Floating the Little Nelchina

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    Default Floating the Little Nelchina

    I'm wondering if the Little Nel between the crossing at the bottom of Monument to the highway bridge is floatable with a 14' raft? I have crossed at that crossing on wheelers many times and know it is plenty deep there but don,t know how it is farther downstream. Any ideas? Thanks Jon

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    I've talked to people who tried canoeing it many years ago. They had plenty of troubles doing it, but the stories were fun to hear. Many have rafted it from the highway down and it is a fairly easy section, but their are a few tight turns with sweepers in them.

    I believe there was a thread on this forum a year or two back that talked about rafting the section above the highway. You might want to do a forum search for Nelchina and see what comes up.


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