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Thread: 26th annual Alaska seaplane seminar on April 16th

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    Default 26th annual Alaska seaplane seminar on April 16th

    26th Annual Alaska Seaplane Seminar
    AMD Tom Wardleigh Hangar
    Lake Hood
    April 16, 2011

    0800 Doors Open-sign in

    0830 Opening Remarks-Dean Eichholz
    Seaplane Pilots Association- John Pratt
    FAASTeam Introduction of Seaplane Wings
    Alaska 99s on Flying Companion Seminar
    AMD- Ed Kornfield
    Region Regional Administrator, Alaskan Region – Robert Lewis

    0900 Improper Preflight which Will result in your demise
    Maintenance Panel - Jeff Walker, John Pratt & Cliff Bellau

    1000 How to make your first turn after takeoff NOT be your last-
    Frank Miller

    1100 Waterway Incursions/avoiding the known and the unknown-
    Roger Motzko

    1200 Lunch provided (donations accepted)

    1300 The Preflight Survival Checklist (That you hope to never have to use)-
    Dave Akers

    1400 Taxiing/Sailing with wind &Takeoff and Flying Techniques on Floats-
    Dean Eichholz and Cecil Shuman

    1500 Open Discussion on “How to minimize the risk we are “willing to take”-
    Mark Madden

    1600 End of Seminar

    Sponsors: Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation, Seaplane Pilots Association, FAA, Falcon Insurance Agency of Alaska,Alaska 99s,and Aviation Management Directorate.
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    Experimental Hand-Loader, NRA Life Member

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    1000 How to make your first turn after takeoff NOT be your last-

    Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the seminar, but the line above certainly caught my attention.

    Question for the "seasoned" float drivers out there:

    How do you make your turn after takeoff so it won't be your last??


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