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    Default Here's one for ya

    This is a hypothetical situation only. This is in no way to represent an actual occurance that may, or may not have happened near Fox Is. last September:

    Your out for the last hoorah fishing trip of the season in Seward with a friend and brother-in-law. The troll isn't producing so you decide to go for some rockfish around Fox Island. Your using bait casters with 30lb mono and mooching rigs. You hook onto a barn door (100lb +-) that you finnally get to the surface, but you don't have a gaff hook or harpoon. What do you do? It won't fit into your salmon net. Trying to lasso the tail only spooks it off to the bottom again! Do you stab it? Club it? What?

    I'm all ears on this. BTW, not that this really happened, I'll never leave the gaff in the truck again!

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    Default depends

    How big is your boat ?
    We have had this happen in thumb cove once & out of homer once. In thumb cove the line eventually broke on us, outside of the yukon island area we slowly motored in to shore, & beach landed it. If they decide to run while in tow you just have to stop & wait, eventually they will let you pull them along. Of course sometimes it can be hard to find a spot among the rocks that you can land your boat but I am using a 16ft zodiac & have wadders on so it makes it easier.
    Now we always carry at least a 22 pistol in the box & gaff next to the oars.

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    Default What to do

    Call for any boats assitance? Some one certainly is near by?

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    Let him go and tell all your buddies about the 290 lbr you caught but decided to let go in order to improve the fishery

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    Smile Cute story

    It could happen for sure. If it happened to me I would have fought her for a little while but without a gaft or harpoon I would have broken her off. I would not shoot her because I suspect she is going to dive and die. I am not sure I could pull that much dead weight back up. There would be another time when I would be better prepaired. This is all true unless I was desperate.

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    Last year my wife caught a barn door off of Long Island, PWS. The only female on the boat and the rest of the "guys" just looked on in amazement. When we got it to the top, the Butt was barley hooked and no shotgun! I used the spear and sent the cable through its gill plate. The fight was on! I took my knife and started jabbing the gills! I finally died 2 hour later!

    Just before I speared it, I saw that look in my wife's eyes. Those of you that have wives, girlfriends etc that fish, you know that look! She reeled it up and now your life depends on whether that fish makes it in the boat or not!

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