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Thread: How To Make A Kuspuk?

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    Default How To Make A Kuspuk?

    I've been wanting a kuspuk for sometime now and I was just wondering if anyone had estimated measurements, directions, reference pictures, or perhaps even a pattern for me to work with? I'm fairly good at sewing and just needs something to work from. I'd love any help anyone could give me and it would be much appreciated.

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    Give Black Elk Leather a call, I found some skin sowing patterns there including mukluk patterns.

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    Thank you so much. I will definately give them a call today. I've debated buying from them before for beads and such but never knew they had patterns.

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    Default​making-kuspuks.html found this link in my own search! there are brief descriptions of how/where to take measurements and some sketches, good luck!

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