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Thread: Plastic Kayak Repair

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    Default Plastic Kayak Repair

    Here is a good video on Welding Plastic kayak cracks.
    The reason this works so well is that he is able to melt the existing material with the new filler plastic material and so it will not just fall out when the temperature changes.
    that is a major problem with most plastic repairs is that it is not mixed. this method seems to be one that will really hold.
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    Nice. Hopefully I won't need it soon, but I suppose if you do it long enough, its going to be something good to know!

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    Here's another one:

    I found this when searching for how to repair my Thule roof cargo box. As a teenager I purchased a "Gen 1" Perception Mirage for $50, complete with holes worn in bow and under the cockpit. I tried everything from hardware store epoxy to P-Tex ski base repair material. Didn't know how to plastic weld so I fell back on duct tape, which performed quite well, at least until I could afford a better boat. Wish they'd had G-Flex back then! By the way, haven't tried this myself on boats, but the cargo box is doing great!

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    I love my Plastic welder have made some great repairs, some I didn't think I could fix.

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    I can't load the youtube videos on this system, so I really hope that this is not one of them.

    I think I need some G/flex in my canoe kit.

    the michigan kayak chainsaw massacre by WEST system


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