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Thread: Smoker Craft Kodiak 1866

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    Question Smoker Craft Kodiak 1866

    Anyone have experience with the Kodiak smoker craft hull?

    Friend bought one at the show this year. It's an 18'er and for versatility he put a 50hp Evinrude Etec on it. He got the Jet with a prop lower unit, center standup console, and an electric adjustable transom plate (jackplate).

    Mostly he wants to run the rivers in the valley - do a little duck and moose hunting, exploring, and a little bit of valdez silvers, seward silvers and rocks, maybe some deep creek king/butt trolling, and the occasional PWS on a nice day shrimping, kenai kings, dipnetting - - the usual gammut.

    Thoughts? Experience with the hull - sturdy - crappy ?

    Here's a link
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