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Thread: Wiggys website info on fishnet underware....

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    Default Wiggys website info on fishnet underware....

    was wondering how many guys are wearing wiggys underware, it appears from his website its the only way not to die under harsh conditions. i have been wearing capilene down to 0degrees on some long packtrip elkhunts lots of sweating..... any thoughts....

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    Default Brynje

    I was curious about this stuff also. Seems like it would keep you drier by allowing persperation vapor to escape. I did a little reading in his old newletters and found that he based his fish-nets on a company in Norway.

    Brynje Of Norway

    From their site:

    "The idea of net underwear began in the 1930`s with army officer Henrik Brun. Brun took many winter trips in the Hardangervidda, a high, exposed plateau in Norway with a harsh unforgiving climate. He found that the net design provided excellent insulation and warmth yet allowed excessive perspiration and heat to escape during intense activity."

    I haven't found a distributer in the US for the stuff. But it would be interesting to try it.

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    That may have been in the days of cotton underwear, guess they did not use recycled plastic soda bottles like we do! Bill
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    Default not a wiggys fan

    I tried a set. Worst $30.00 I ever spent. I did not notice any added warmth. They are now in the bottom of my wiggys -30 bag in the corner of my garage were they will both stay. I have not found any wiggys gear I would recomend.
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    Default fishnet...

    Years ago I had a pair that I think might have been from the Norwegian company you speak of. The were definitely not Wiggy's. I wore them under wool (Old Vermont habit) all the time. I loved them! They were warm enough but not too hot and kept the wool away from the skin. I have been sweating my b@!!$ off with synthetics ever since I retired them. I never could find where to get another pair. The only trouble was that they were, if I remember correctly, made of cotton. They did dry relativeley fast, except for the crotch area, because there was not much fabric to them.

    What are Wiggy's made out of?

    I just looked at the liink above, it was hard to tell from the pictures if it was the same stuff I used to have. I think my old long-johns were a wider mesh, not very tight .25 maybe .5 inch mesh. It looks like the have a pretty tight weave???
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    Default WOW

    ...who the heck would buy that?? i got an old work shirt with a bunch of holes in it i'll sell you for 10 bucks!!
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    Default i have the net shirt..

    it fits...well...weird, to say the least. arms are really long, BUT it is way warm when added under regular capilene or even (yeah, yeah, i know.."cotton kills") a t-shirt.
    i have an ultra-lite 20* bag i really like too.
    Wiggy himself is a..real piece of work <grin>...good thing i deal with his alaska distributor!
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    Default FOR SAle

    My wife says she's got a set of fish nets she sell for $20 bucks, they didn't come from Norway though( I think they came out of an egg).
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    If it's as flattering on me as the guy modeling it on Wiggy's thanks! Get a Victoria's Secret beauty and I'll buy anything!


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    Default Not surprising

    Quote Originally Posted by 300stw View Post appears from his website its the only way not to die under harsh conditions...
    This quote is not surprising. I've read many such bold claims from that company over the years. To hear them tell it, virtually everything they carry is the absolute best in the world, and anyone who doesn't think so is an idiot who will eventually die from using another brand.

    Other than that, I have no opinion on it.

    BTW, first time I've ever been asked on this forum about what kind of underwear I'm wearing. I guess this is really becoming a community.

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    I had an agency issued Wiggy's parka that I really liked............until the wind started blowing.
    Now what ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevelyn View Post
    I had an agency issued Wiggy's parka that I really liked............until the wind started blowing.
    You were supposed to wear something over them.

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