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    I am new to this site but was hoping that I could get some advice on any recreational fishing oppurtunities within the Naknek area. I have a ton of information about the great fresh water salmon and trout fishing but was wondering if there are any oppurtunities for rock fish, halibut, and/or any other species. I am taking a job out there and am always up for trying new things, so any help is greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance for any help you can send my way.


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    Upper Bristol Bay is all sand and mud. Not many rocks. I few halibut do chase the salmon. The more West and South you pick up some rocks. But anywhere near Dillingham or Naknek you will have trouble finding rockfish. There are several people that go halibut fishing in the area. You should be plenty busy at first with the salmon, trout and grayling that you won't even think about ocean fishing initially.


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