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Thread: Columbia® Bugaboo™ II Tent

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    Default Columbia® Bugaboo™ II Tent

    Has anyone had any experience with this tent? For the money, they have a good rating. I know its not a 4 season tent, but would be using in summer and early fall. As much as I want to sink the money in a wall tent, Alaknak, or Kodiak Condo, I want to hold back on the money for a while. Cabelas has the tent for 100 bucks.

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    Default I'll give you a bump...

    No experience with that tent but I've been doing my homework on tents for awhile. It leaves a little to be desired as its a little weighty for its size, coming in a 20+ lbs, I believe. The walls and floor are thin material and it only has 1200mm of waterproofing (<1,000 isn't considered waterproof) and doesn't have a full cover rainfly. However, for $100, depending on what you're doing with it, it may be fine. I wouldn't do a September moose hunt with it. Don't really know what to compare it to price-wise in that range.

    I'm trying to find a tent <20lbs, w/6' height to put a stove in; still looking. Canvas tents and the others you mentioned are heavy (for me) and pricey.



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