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Thread: Remote "lever steering"

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    Question Remote "lever steering"

    In passing, one poster on another thread mentioned installing a 9.9 hp Johnson in his newly purchased Scott HB and setting it up with remote "lever steering" so he can run the canoe from the center seat. I don't know what "lever steering" is or if it is homemade or store bought. Perhaps it's something I should look into for my own HB. I assume it's mechanical and not a variation on the "Seymour stick." Anyone have a clue?

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    I'm not sure what lever steering is either. I don't see a need to stand in the center of the canoe anyways, I like to be near the motor so I can lock it up out of the water if I hit shallow stuff that requires dragging the boat. A tiller extension works just fine, but like you, I'd like to learn what this is too.


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