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    Thought this may be helpful for fellow cabin owners. I recently bought a 275 gallon water tank on Alaskas List. It is roughly 4'x4',plastic with a wire cage around it & on a pallet. It has a 2'' ball valve & an 8'' opening in top.Plan on catching rain water out at the cabin. It was $250, & had food grade corn syrup in it
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    I'd suggest you use a small barrel or even a bucket in-line prior to your new water tank.. to catch all the birch pollen, spruce needles, and etc, that washes off your cabin roof in the rain... I set up a 2 bucket system at my little cabin, to catch rain water... The first bucket sets higher than the 2nd bucket, and filters out about 90% of the "stuff" that washes off the cabin roof... /John

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    You will need to cover it with something like plywood or the animals will have a field day with the plastic.

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    Dean, I'm still thinkin of trying to get a trip in on sunday now and haul 1 more big load out. This whole work thing is really putting a damper on my recreational cabin time though. Nice idea with the water tank! As always I'll call ya if I can get away this weekend.

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    I have two 275 gallon water tanks, food grade plastic and caged in metal. I want to sell one tank and I want to sell it in $80.

    Rainwater tanks


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