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Thread: Dillon 550B and extruded

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    Default Dillon 550B and extruded

    Any one ever try extruded powders in their 550B? If so, does it meter to your satisfaction? I know that with the magnum powder bar Dillon says it can be done. I was wondering what your experience is with the normal bars and the magnum one.

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    I adjust to throw short and trickle up. The bars don't do well with long extruded powder. Generally they are +/- .4gr and that doesn't work for me. I've had good metering with the IMR SSC types as well as RL-10X, 15 and 17 . They're a little shorter than some of the traditional extruded powders. They will throw flake or ball to perfection every time.

    I bought the magnum powder system as a separate unit and it does very well with Retumbo. +/- .2 in the 90gr range of charge is the norm. If I'm loading for long range shooting I will still trickle each load.

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    it works pretty darn good with SSC extruded powders though BUT in magnums it does make sense to trickle up to finish each load, no big thing

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    I have. RL15 bridges in the thing, short charges one case, overfills the next...not good in .223

    The mechanical setup for the RCBS PM works fine on the Dillon

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    Thanks for the answers.


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