IMG_2085.jpgIMG_2087.jpgIMG_2085.jpgIMG_2087.jpgI have been wanting a cheap removable gun rack on the front of my old war-horse RMK for a while now. Didn't really want a big Kolpin flopping around on the back, I wanted one that I could get to quick, and was easy to remove, so I could high mark, and not worry about tearing it off in case of roll overs. This is what I came up with. The rear can simply be twisted out of the mount, the front is attached with a wing nut. A scabbard could be added to keep the snow off when needed. I have $18 bucks in it, thanks to eBay, and a couple of hours of labor. I'm really happy with it. Please excuse duplicate pix, I haven't used this system before.