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    Does anybody out there have a Klamath boat? If so how do you like it? What do you like or dislike. How would you improve it? Specifically looking at the 18' OPW and the 19'GTX.



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    I had the 18' open from '89 to '04. 35 hp Yamaha (detuned for the Kenai). It was a great boat. I set it up with 4 pedistal seats in line. That worked perfect for how I used to fish the Kenai, drifting. Installed some flush-mount rod holders. Launched it of the beach countless times with atv's for halibut. That thing paid for itself in fish many times over, something I will never be able to say about my 25' Kingfisher. I sold it for nearly what I paid for it. My only dislike was crossing another boats wake on the Kenai, (guide boat at a snail's pace). The boat tended to heel over if I caught it wrong. Just need to hit it at a good angle. When I sold the boat it was as solid as when I bought it. Stevie Wonder could have put it on the trailer straight. Ran all day on 6 gallons of gas.


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