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Thread: looking at a new tent

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    Default looking at a new tent

    Was wondering if anybody has tried one of these tents, looks like it might be good

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    Summitx -
    What I don't like about that design is the fact that there are only two poles in a criss-cross pattern. Failure of one means failure of the entire tent. High wind on any face of that tent and it will lay over easily. The stress that lays a tent over will many times break poles!

    It will be a good general-use tent, but I would not take it to the Alaska Peninsula or Kodiak because it will be easily collapsed by high winds.

    At $389, you can do a little better for that money and if you spend a little more, you'll approach bomb-proof with a lower profile.

    I won't come out and endorse one maker or model over another because it will start a tent war. Just look for features that will make what you are looking for durable on a fishing trip OR a nasty hunting trip.



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