Just wanted to share with all an item that is cheap and been really usefull to me both on the boat and off. My boat like many only has one battery installed. I went on an 10 day hunt last year over to Hitchenbrook and wanted to have a back up, so I bought one of those handheld car jumper batteries with the jumper cables and a lighter plug on it. That thing is so handy, can be used on shore to run all kinds of devices, charge this or that. Be plugged into a lighter plug and recharged on the boat. During one hell of a storm I used it with a hand held spot light to keep an eye on the boat all night. The light battery thing is also great for any kind of bad thing that can happen at night. Looking for blood, trailing a wounded animal, finding a lost buddy, ect.... You can carry the battery and hold one of those put your eyes out lights for hours instead of a few minutes. It was 50 bucks well spent. I have used that thing more than I ever thought I would. Have jumped my truck off with it more times than I can count, I like to leave my head lights on. Works great on the wheeler when you run the wench more than you should. Have you tried to pull start a big bore??? The wheeler charges it up thru the lighter as well. I bought it just for that hunt and continue to use it on a regular basis.