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Thread: Arctiva Mechanized Jacket ???

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    Default Arctiva Mechanized Jacket ???

    Anybody tried these jackets? If so how warm are they? Looking for a new jacket that is warmer than my Carharrt Extreme jacket. Thanks akraven

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    Arrow The Warmest Jacket you can possibly get.. ..

    is without a doubt.. .. an Eskimo parky! not parka ! parky!

    I have never ever been cold with one of those on. .and we sleep outside for two months with no tents. @ 40 below !

    We dress "dirrerent up here in the Arctic. we have to be prepared for anything that can happen.

    I have worked in Prudhoe bay.. for years.. NOTHING is as warm as Eskimo parky!

    you can easily get one made for you cheap!! In Barrow look in the phone book.. give them a call. tell em you want mouton parky warm but light!

    1981 I bought four mouton skins.. an eskimo woman used dental floss to sew it all together in one evening.. I paid 100 I still use that parky today. and it is so warm!

    Do you want to know how Eskimo's dress to keep warm ? Just like you do almost.. but when we go out for the entire day or days.. we eat different.

    Long johns are no no ! too tight.. loose loose clothing.. basic undergarments.. then perhaps one of the most important pieces of clothing.. GYM SHORTS..THEN, sweat pants, loose. Jeans, carharts and ski pants..NOTHING can make your legs cold. upper torso basic undergarments and two T-shirts large 2 flannel shirts large huge, hooded sweatshirt larger, and spring jacket.. now put your eskimo parky on it is light you can't get cold! Point Hope is like lving on the dek of an aircraft carrier. we have water on three sides.. and the wind never stops!
    60 below 80 mph winds is very common and life goes on with out a hitch!

    and you can eat how we eat, raw frozen meat (caribou) or fish. this is called qauq.. you cut thin slices and swallow them whole DON'T CHEW IT.

    fill your stomach !! full.. and get out of that house. cause your gonna push out body heat the likes of which you have never ever experienced in your entire life. if you try and stay in side when you do this.. you will probablly end up in the hospital.! take heed..

    Raw & Frozen eaten whole small pieces.. !! FILL UP YOUR STOMACH and get outside.. I guarantee you.. @ 30 below.. you WILL be taking clothes off!

    now if your out hunting, walking, hiking and you want a hot meal.. go for it.. pull that fish out of your mukluk that you put in there hours ago and it is cooked warm and steamy !!


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    Quote Originally Posted by akraven View Post
    Anybody tried these jackets? If so how warm are they? Looking for a new jacket that is warmer than my Carharrt Extreme jacket. Thanks akraven

    See Mark at
    Wiggy’s Alaska 8225 Old Seward Highway, Suite A, Anchorage, AK.

    It's "pouffy" , plain, and you'll wanna replace the snaps with velcro but hot dam it's warm...My sweetie sez "it's nicer to warm then cute".

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    Thanks for the replies. I ended up ordering this jacket from Cabelas which is very similar to the parky. I ordered it large for lots of layering. A friend who traps down here has used one for 2 seasons down to
    -25 without any problems. Thanks for all the dressing hints Majik Imaje I will give it a try. As for Wiggy's I had no idea they even had a store up here. I would have stopped by and take a peak. They have quite a good reputation.
    Thanks again for all the info. I will be going on a 4 day snomachine trip next week and will test it out (if it makes it here in time!)


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