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Thread: ptarmigan?

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    Default ptarmigan?

    was wondering if any of you guys know of any areas near cooperlanding that i guy could get into a few ptarmigan. Dont mind hiking a few miles to get there.

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    Go up Fuller Lakes trail. I used to shoot a few up there. Also suprise creek trail across the river from Jims Landing is good. Need to get across the river. Once you get above treeline at both places you should find some birds. BC

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    Almost any mountain that peaks above treeline will have ptarmigan. I hike a lot more than I hunt and more often that not I flush ptarmigan when I hike any peak above treeline. I am not familiar with the Cooper Landing area but I almost guarantee that if you hike above treeline you will see ptarmigan. (note, I said almost, not definetely. I have been skunked enough times going for ptarmigan that I never say always.)

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    That is up behind Wildman's. There is a lake up there and some nice country, but I haven't been up there in the winter. I know there are pt.s up there.


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