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Thread: 2011 NorthRiver Seahawk IB

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    Default 2011 NorthRiver Seahawk IB

    Here's a few pictures of the NorthRiver Seahawk IB just completed. It will be on display at the Anchorage Boat Show. It's powered by the FNM 250hp Diesel and Hamilton 212 w/ 2.4 Turbo Impeller. Features and 18 degree deadrise and 42 degree bow entry making for a comfortable ride when the seas get rough. Performance 38mph@4150 @14gph and cruised at 30mph@3400@6gph.

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    what is the price?

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    Quote Originally Posted by elim View Post
    what is the price?
    MSRP on this boat would be $67K + Shipping. This one and any NR Seahawk or Commander ordered of the same size will be on sale for $64,900 at the Anchorage Sportsman show. The boat just arrived in Anchorage and will be available for preview shortly at AK Frontier Fabrication.


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