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    Default Boat test drive

    Test drove a 220 ocean pro and a 26' alaskan.
    The 220 ocean pro was a sweet machine with a 150 hp honda. Top end about 38 mph and very stable. If I buy this I think I would still upgrade to a 200 hp. Honda. But over all a little small than what I am used too.

    Now for you guys that have the 26' Alaskan with twin 115 hp.
    yamahas. I wasn't to impressed with the performace of these twins. Lots of vibration and noise, Could not get above 28 mph.
    Burning 9.5 gph. Is this common for the yamahas on this boat. I felt that it needed a counter rotating motor and a prop change.
    Motors had 19 pitch props. I think maybe 17 pitch would be better. And we only had about 15 gallons of fuel onboard with 3 of us. I really feel these motors should have performed much better. Maybe just a bad installation job on the outboards.
    I was ready to buy the 26' untill the test drive.
    All the help you can give will be most appreciated. need to make the dicission on the 220 ocean pro or the 26' alaskan.

    Thanks again for your help

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    Default 26 Alaskan

    You should have got better performance from the 115s. I had 115s on my 26 Alaskan and ran 15 pitch props. Got full 6K RPM, and closer to 35 mph. I suspect with 19s, those motors were really lugging. With hydraulic steering, you should not need counter-rotation.

    That said, I think the 115s are just adequate for that boat. I repowered to 150s last year, and am running 17 stainless props. Now closer to 45 mph top end, similar fuel econ. 175s or 200s would not have been too much, except in their impact to my wallet.

    If you are considering the 26, I would recommend the 150s or bigger. If you are interested, let me know and maybe we can work a test drive this summer.

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    Default 26' Searunner

    My 26" Alaskan Searunner and 2 Yamaha 4 stroke 115's hit 42 mph one day with 6 adults and over 100 gal. of fuel. I forget what pitch the props were Dewey's put on. They are quiet and no vibration. Sounds like something is wrong with what you took for a test drive.

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    Dewey's puts on 15 pitch unless you ask for something else.
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