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Thread: 40 S&W case issues

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    Default 40 S&W case issues

    I have started reloading 40 S&W rounds again and am running into an issue. The cases are to flared to hold the bullet.I mean I can push the bullet in the case by hand. I ran them into the sizer again and still the same problem. This seems to only be a problem with cases that I sized several years ago. Any ideas? I would of thought that the sizer would of brought them back to the correct size. I am using Hornady non-lube dies. Thanks

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    I would think that the sizer die is probably not the problem, but more likely the cause is a batch of cases that are out of spec. Like maybe the case wall thickness is thinner than the norm, causing the inside sized diameter to be greater than intended, even though you've run them through a sizer die. Especially so considering that newer cases aren't displaying the same problem. I've never loaded for the .40, so I'm just guessing.
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    Id say you need a Lee factory crimp die. I have had that with 10mm but once through the FCD and they are locked tight. I think the cases were expanded/flared too far and then had lots of spring back in my deal. I fear autos stuffing the bullet in as it chambers causing an over pressure so I put every auto round through the Lee FCD anyway.
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    I am having the same issue with 40 S&W reloads. I thew all of my spent stuff away and bought a new bag. I have RCBS dies. I have yet to reload any of the spent cases from the new batch. I was thinking my die was bad as well.


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