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Thread: Quartz Lake 7 March

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    Default Quartz Lake 7 March

    FINALLY after 8 grueling weeks away from AK I foud myself back on the hardwater of Quartz! Beautiful day to be out especially being a Monday Caught several usual sized 12'' rainbows and saw the occasional bigun swim by. Nothing picture worthy though However for March ice fishing I thought the action was just fine. Hope to get in some more time out there after Spring Break!!!

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    We where out there saturday afternoon after we went to Harding sounds like you did better than us. I saw one nemo sub swim by and hit my jig twice and that was it.

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    I was out there last Saturday as well, we only brought in 2 fish and had very few sightings. I guess that's how it goes in March.

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    I think I will just keep going to Harding for awhile. A lot closer and if you do get one it's paydirt


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