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Thread: fishing near Anchorage

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    Default fishing near Anchorage


    My wife and I are taking my parents to Anchorage in June. My father loves Alaska, but has not been back since their honeymoon (prior to my arrival). Well, we would like to take him back because I do not think that he will make it if we do not. I was hoping that one of you may be able to tell me if it is reasonable to think that we can charter a 1/2 day fishing trip for halibut. Most of my research indicates that the trip is too long for a 1/2 day trip if I am going for halibut. Any suggestions and websites would be a tremendous help.

    Thanks and fish on.

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    The only port I know of that offers good 1/2 day fishing for halibut is Homer. Rainbow Tours offers a half-day halibut trip for $95. I took a couple of friends from out of state on a charter with them last year when our boat was out of commission and they wanted to catch halibut. Although it wasn't the same experience as a full-day charter (14 fishermen on board and only 2-3 hours to fish), it was still fun and worthwhile. Everyone on board easily caught their limit of 2. Most people were done in 20 minutes, actually, as they weren't choosey about what they kept. None of the fish were very large, but I kept throwing them back until I had two in the 25-30 pound range (as opposed to the 10 pounders that many folks were keeping).

    Homer is about a 5 hour drive south of Anchorage, but it is an incredibly beautiful drive and well worth spending a couple of days down in that direction. We also saw whales while out fishing, and it's always possible to see otters and lots of seabirds as well. Not a bad choice for less than half the price of full-day charters while still catching your limit.


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    in the time you would take up driving you could drive too whittier( one hour from anchorge) and do a full day trip from their or go to seward ( 2 hours from anchorage) and do the same thing.


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