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Thread: Transporting meat and antlers back to lower 48.

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    Default Transporting meat and antlers back to lower 48.

    I have been working in Alaska for a couple years now and finally drew a nice moose tag. I will be switching jobs in the fall and moving back down to the lower 48 about 2-3 weeks after the my hunt. I am currently living in Kenai-Soldotna and was wondering if anyone had some opinions on what would be the best way to get most of the meat home, haven't decided for sure if I am flying of driving. The price of getting this stuff home is gonna help me decide that. I know it may be getting ahead of myself but I was also wondering if I got a nice bull what the best way was to go about getting it mounted. If it is really nice I might spring for the shoulder mount but wasn't sure if it would be best to have a taxidermist up here do it and then ship it home when it is done, or if it is possible to make the drive with the cape and rack if everything is well cared for so that I could have a taxidermist back home do it to save on shipping. Just want to get some opinions so I can have a plan before I have the moose on the ground.

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    Not sure where in the lower 48 you need to ship though.

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    I would check out what 379Peterbilt has to say about halling your meat.

    As far as getting a mount done I would plan on getting it done close to where your moving to, as long as there its a good Tax. nearby.

    As long as you flesh and salt your cape real good it shouldn't be a problem. I had mine mounted local to me, with a full shoulder mount and I sure wouldn't want to have to ship it anywhere, it took up the better half of my bed in my F-250.
    The cost of just shipping the rack and cape from AK to NJ was enough to almost mount it.
    Hope you kill a big one, you'll see whay I'm talking about(size wise)
    Good Luck

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