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Thread: spring fever

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    Cool spring fever

    can't take it anymore already thinking about a boat trip to clear creek this summer I have only gone there by charter would like to take my boat this time 19' alumaweld 351 jet can someone tell me if this trip is tricky I mean would you reccomend I follow someone first time or is it pretty straitforward (follow big water)also about how long does it take to get there from talkeetna ? only been river running for 2 to 3 years mostly big-su

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    I havent run my boat up to clear yet but been up with my dads boat a lot. doesnt take long maybe twenty minutes. Its not a hard run but the river changes every year. Following someone isnt a problem because everyone goes there.

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    Takes me an hour in my Mokai, with your big motor no sweat everyone is going that way so you can follow if you want.


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    I used to run my 16' 40hp jet up there. Not too difficult after the first mile or two. Every year it seems someone piles a boat up in those lower log jams. Water is a bit faster than the Su but it all reads the same.

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