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Thread: 454 Casull cartridge boxes

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    Default 454 Casull cartridge boxes

    Well, being tired of using zip-lok baggies, I bought some of the recommended MTM P50-44 and P100-44 boxes for my 454 Casull loads, but with the 310 grain and heavier hard cast bullets I favor, the boxes are too "short" to close properly. What have any of you found works well? Thanks

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    I use this for 454 Also have some older slip top 44/45 boxed that work good.

    Midway USA has two 454 listes:
    One for COL under 1.6"
    One for COL over 1.6".

    460 is where the fun is, they don't fit worth a hoot in anything I have found yet.
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    I've got some of these and they hold my loooong (1.820) 454 435gr loads no prob.

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    Sounds good to me, Snyd, thanks. Wonder why the P50-44 boxes wouldn't work. You'd think they would be the same interior height as the P100s, but apparently not. My 330 gr. Stoner loads run out at about 1.753.


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