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Thread: problem with remington 22 pump and accuracy

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    Default problem with remington 22 pump and accuracy

    Ok, i have a nice,old 22 LR remington pump action...i have used open sites and it seems pretty darn accurate to me...

    but, this has not been in sub-zero, i bought a cheap burris scope, put it on, and dang, the best i can do at 20 yds is hitting 1 to 2 inches left, then, high 1-2 inches....and all around the zero seems that the first shot is hitting pretty consistent, then if i knock off several shots then they walk around (heated up barrel)...the scope is tight and i have used cheap scopes before they seem to work well,but, in subzero weather????

    gotta admit, the barrel probably was not really clean?...

    further, geeez, i scoped it in at like plus one inch at 30, plus 3 at 50 and then at 100 it was hitting way high and way right, like 6 inches high and 5 right...will the bullet rise this much if sighted in as such????...

    any recommendations on a good LR ammo...?
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    As for your particular gun troubles I don't have any advise, but about your question about ammo, the best .22lr ammo is the ammo that works best in your gun. I have several .22 firearms, some work excellent with the cheap Remingtin .22 brick ammo at walmart while others wont feed it for crap. The most consistently performing ammo that works well in all my guns is CCI Minimags, it is a little expensive but it works reliably in all of my guns.

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    You might pay close attention to two things while bench shooting.

    #1, that forend is pretty round and it's really easy to cant the gun one way and another each time you lift it to cycle the action, then settle it back on the rest. I finally learned to use a narrow rest and move it back between the back of the forend and the trigger guard- narrow enough you can cycle the action without lifting the gun. It also helps that the action is a little flatter there.

    #2, in your shifting around it's pretty easy to slide that forend back and forth a bit. Not enough to disengage the trigger, but enough to affect accuracy somehow. I find it best to grab the rest rather than the forend when shooting, and reach out with one finger and push forward on the back of the forend. Doesn't make sense that it would work that way, but I'll go with whatever works.

    If that doesn't help, I'd begin to suspect the cold weather performance of your ammo rather than the gun or scope. Like you, I've found the Rem pumps to be really accurate, and a scope only helps matters. On the other hand, variability between brands of 22 ammo, and even production lots, is notorious. Try various ones for comparison while trying my bench technique.

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    Default Ammo

    Try some CCI Green Tag or standard velocity ammo in the rifle. It may just need a different kind of ammo.
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