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Thread: Replacing motor in jet boat

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    Default Replacing motor in jet boat

    I've got a 28' jet boat with twin GM 4.3 motors. One is a vortec and the other one burned up. The cylinder wall is all tore up. I had the heads rebuilt thinking that might gain me more motor life but no. So I'm looking to replace the blown motor and I'm just looking for some ideas.

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    When the heads were off the inspection revealed damaged cylinder walls?

    If you just had the heads done. Short block it.
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    A brand new drop in 5.7 was quoted to me for 2550 and 500 in shipping to Anchorage. A short block wouldn't cost you more then 1500 shipped from the lower 48 and you would basically have a new engine sitting in there if you just had your heads done.

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